The Stigma of Spirituality

There has always been such a stigma surrounding spirituality and that it means that you no longer want prosperity and abundance and believe you will want to start living a “hippy type” lifestyle. People become confused and resistant when they start awakening because life starts falling apart (losing jobs, money, friends etc) and they don't know why and think that to be spiritual means being poor. Nothing could be further from the truth. True spirituality is awakening to your true divine nature and living a high vibrational life where you are able to manifest your dreams and live in prosperity and abundance doing what you are divinely meant to do. In order to live in a higher vibration you must shed all the belief systems and programs that you are taught from family, community etc growing up. which lead people to live in a fear, ego, survival based world (very low vibration). As you raise your vibration things have to fall away that no longer are a vibrational match with you (friends, jobs, etc), so it appears that life is falling apart when in reality you are making space for things, people etc that are aligned with your new vibration. When people become spiritually awakened and enlightened their soul takes over the drivers seat and the ego takes a back seat and you no longer want to achieve success in the same egoic way. When aligned with your true purpose you are living in a heart-based very high vibration life and success becomes easy and abundance and prosperity flow into your world. Just a shift in consciousness and thinking. You no longer see the need to compete out of survival but know that you are creating your reality and can manifest whatever you want because it is simply a universal law and you are now aligned to that.