21 Signs You Are Going Through A Spiritual Awakening

Look for these signs to let you know you are beginning your spiritual awakening process:

  1. Wanting to spend time alone and connect with nature
  2. Increase in wanting to love unconditionally
  3. Feeling of being connected to everything and everyone
  4. Blissful feeling
  5. Sleep patterns changing
  6. No longer interested in worrying about small things. Actions based on love not fear.
  7. No interest in drama or conflict
  8. No interest in judging others or yourself
  9. Wanting to eat healthy food
  10. Increase in coincidences and synchronicities
  11. Increase in intuition and wanting to connect with yourself
  12. Wanting to know who you truly are and need to be authentic
  13. Increase in creativity and inspiration and wanting to fulfill your dreams.
  14. Heightened senses
  15. Yearning for meaning in your life
  16. Wanting to make the world a better place.
  17. Deep sadness and compassion for the suffering in the world
  18. Cannot stand superficiality or anything that is not authentic
  19. Old friends leave your life and the need to connect with new people who are more aligned with who you are becoming.
  20. Awareness of your limiting beliefs, negative habits and behaviours
  21. Awareness you are changing and you just feel different.