The Significance of Repetitive Numbers

Numbers have a frequence, a signature vibration inherent in that vibration is an energy that becomes available if we understand how to apply it. When numbers appear in repeating sequence it is very powerful and the Universe wants you to take notice.

When you see repetitive numbers these 7 sacred vibrations are all being offered:

1. The spiritual meaning of the number being present amplifies

2. Synchronicity

3. Harmony

4. Alignment

5. Higher vibration

6. Higher Order

7. DNA is in sympathetic resonance and activates higher awareness and consciousness.

Feel each of the 7 vibrations happening in synergy as you acknowledge the divine mathematical formulas of the universe.

Align your thoughts and desires to the powers being offered by the vibration patterns and you will begin to unlock the messages.

111 – Inner power is revealing itself to you wanting to awakening

222 – Sacred Union with another will open new spiritual gifts and powers

333 – The path and discovery of magic is opening to you

444 – Build upon your spiritual foundation implement your ideas

555 – The path of creativity, creative manifestation will prove fruitful

666 – The path of new journeys will lead you to hidden spiritual abundance

777 – The path of luck is unfolding before you

888 – Divine Abundance is showering upon you on the path of fortune

999 – Spiritual Devotion brings forth your greatest gifts, this is where you flourish

1111 – The hour of the quickening is now, Divine insights and revelations abound.