5 Ways That I Connect with My Emotions Using My Senses

1. Music

I like all genres of music and when I need to connect with my emotions the type of music I listen to is an indicator to me of how I am currently feeling emotionally. Or, it is an indicator of how I want to feel. In essence, music is a great way to connect with your emotional body.

2. Movies

I am huge fan of movies and I really like that movies allow you an opportunity to connect with different characters and situations that you can relate to or can illicit strong emotions that you may be repressing.

3. Colour

Every morning before I get dressed I always ask myself “what colour are you being drawn to wear?” Colour for me is a great way to see what chakra I am needing to balance. Colour is very powerful and each has its own vibration.

4. Physical Body

The body holds emotions and can be used to identify what needs to be released or worked on depending on how your body is feeling physically. When meditating in the morning I do a quick body scan to see what my body is trying to tell me.

5. Smell

Being present and aware of how different smells make you feel is a great way to connect quickly with your emotional body and bring you into a state of peace. Smell is very powerful and has a strong bearing on your emotions. Marilena Aiello, a cognitive neuroscience researcher discovered that there is a partial overlap between the areas in our brains which deal with olfactory perception and those which process emotions.