7 Signs of You Might Be Clairaudient

Clairaudience is “clear hearing”. It means you receive intuitive insight or guidance from your spirit guides, your higher self or angels through your hearing. Here are some of the signs that you might be clairaudient.

1. You are sensitive to noise

If you are clairaudient you are highly sensitive both emotionally and physically.

2. You hear you name being spoken

Sometimes you can hear someone say your name or soft voices when no one is around. You can hear things that others cannot.

3. You have conversations with yourself

If you are clairaudient you tend to have conversations with yourself in your head. You tend to be able to “hear” divine guidance because you are so used to being in your head and can notice when you are receiving messages from your guides.

4. You feel a deep connection with music

If you are clairaudient listening to music is a way to connect deeply with your soul.

5. People are drawn to your wisdom

People who are clairaudient tend to be the counselors or therapists among their friends and family because they are receiving divine wisdom and guidance.

6. You hear ringing or high pitched noises

You can hear high pitched noises in your ear as a sign that your spirit guides and angels are near.

7. You get signs from songs and speech

When out in public you receive messages through the lyrics of a song playing or words that someone is saying in a conversation near by that you know are meant for you.