7 Signs You Might Be Clairsentient

Clairsentience is “clear feeling or sensing”. This means you receive intuitive or psychic information through sensing or feeling subtle energy from people and places. Here are some signs that you might be clairsentient.

1. You were told you were “too sensitive” as a child

If you are clairsentience, you can feel the emotions of others so you were often overwhelmed.

2. You can sense the energy of buildings and places

You can easily sense the emotional atmosphere when you walk into a building or place.

3. You have heightened perception

You can easily read between the lines during a conversation.

4. You “just know” things

You can easily pick up when someone is lying.

5. You can sense “dark energy”

When you pick up on negative energy from people or places you feel nauseous and become deeply uncomfortable.

6. You are empathetic

You are deeply sensitive to other people's emotions and feel them like they are your own. Their physical and emotional pain affects your greatly.

7. You get overwhelmed by crowds

Being around a large group of people can be completely overwhelming as you are feeling too much energy and will cause you to be overstimulated.