7 Signs You Might Be Clairvoyant

Clairvoyance is “clear seeing”. It means you receive intuitive information through pictures, visions and symbols. When people are clairvoyant they often disregard this as an active imagination. Here are some signs that you might be clairvoyant.

1. Your have a vivid imagination

You can daydream for hours and think in a creative and imaginative way.

2. You have vivid dreams

Your dreams are frequently detailed, very colourful, and visual and feel like they are real.

3. You can visualize easily

You can visualize situations and designs easily.

4. You appreciate beauty

You notice and truly appreciate all the beautiful and special things about the world.

5. You have an excellent sense of direction

You have an uncanny ability to be able to visualize where you are going and where things are.

6. You can see the “big picture”

You can see how things fit together and can visualize how things are meant to be and look.

7. You experience psychic flashes

You can see flashes of light, auras, colours, orbs, and twinkling lights around you.