incarnational cycle

7 Soul Archetypes

Before each of us begins our incarnational cycle on the planet, we choose one of seven Roles which serve as the blueprint for who we are, what special abilities we possess, and how we interact with others.

Our role is the type of soul we are, our special soul type, the spiritual archetype we embody. Every soul has a particular role that determines his dominant way of being. - Michael Teachings

1. Server (seeks to serve the common good)

Servers alleviate suffering. Wants to solve the world's problems in a material and physical sense. Bears up the burdens of mankind. Has a strong tendency towards domestic living in the home and family. Not too proud to ask for help.

They seek the well being of all – doctor, nurse, social worker, bureaucrat, waiter, waitress, housewife

2. Artisan (seeks creativity and the structure behind it)

Original and creative in thinking, artistic expression, and engineering. More artisans in the fine arts than any other role. Uses his hands to produce objects for use by mankind. Manipulates the objective world of things or symbols or things the physical world is material to be used molded and fashioned.

Artist inventor, poet, writer, craftsman, actor, architect, repairman, athlete.

3. Warrior (seeks a challenge)

Is achievement and accomplishment oriented. Responds well to reward and punishment behaviour incentives. Sees what is undone and does it. Good at implementing the directives of others. Likes to explore. Often athletic by nature.

Businessman, salesman, laborer, policeman, soldier, bouncer, boxer, athlete, truck driver.

4. Scholar (seeks knowledge)

Often sees life as an experiment. Views the world primarily in terms of its information. Life is seen as a classroom and the scholar is the star pupil. Everything is just so much data to be gathered and sifted. The world is a laboratory to experiment in. The physical appearance is often androgynous or neutral.

Scientist, scholar, writer, researcher, mathematician, professor.

5. Sage (seeks communication in all things)

The good communicator. Able to express the higher mental faculties of wisdom, beauty, love, harmony, and philosophy. This is the story doer type who likes to act out and dramatize his thoughts through art, music, teacher, salesmanship or entertainment. He enjoys playing to an audience.

Entertainment, performer, actor, public speaker, teacher, broadcaster.

6. Priest (seeks to serve the higher good)

Sees the potential of people and is good at eliciting it. Is equipped to bring out the hidden qualities of goodness in others. A leader of mankind in inspiring others to noble virtues. Has a heart of gold. Feels the urge to raise the consciousness of others.

Pastor, minister, preacher, counselor, psychologist.

7. King (seeks to lead, mandate)

A born leader, foresees what needs to be done and sets forces in motion to accomplish it. Concerned with initiating political or governmental action in arena of events. Often impressive or charismatic in appearance – regal bearing. All of the other roles tend to defer to a king.

Mayor, politician, statesman, governor, manager, overseer, steward, president, executive.

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